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Our Story

Home to a diverse community of young and adult learners, Tseung Kwan O is blessed with amazing people with hungry minds and open hearts. We organise classes and activities in Tseung Kwan O to help you learn better, meet like-minded people and lead more active and fulfilled lives. We are working on creating a friendly and supportive community in TKO for everyone to learn, share and inspire. 

Say Hello!

We would like to invite you to visit our Tseung Kwan O centre with well-equipped classrooms, a relaxing meet-up area and clean amenities. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and meet friendly TKO folks who share your interests! 

Who We Are

Dedicated to language education for more than 15 years, we are a team of multilingual taking root in the Tseung Kwan O community who share the same passions for enlightened, culturally rich experiences and an active, healthy lifestyle. 

Join the Team

Are you passionate about helping the community change their lives for the better and improve their mental and physical health? Come join us!

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