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Aerial Therapy

Aerial therapy utilizes the aerial hammock as a prop to assist the body in attaining postures that it ordinarily finds difficult.

The class will be slow-paced, the hammocks are hung just slightly off the ground and are used to encourage full range of lumbar spine movement through a deep, slow sequence.

Aerial Therapy is beneficial for all students of yoga ranging from the inexperienced through to the experienced.

Aerial Foundation

This class introduces students to the fundamentals of a safe and consistent aerial yoga practice. It covers basic principles including key poses, orientation, benefits, contraindications and etiquette. Combining theory with actual practice on the hammock.

Suitable for students new to aerial yoga.


Aerial Yoga 1

Aerial Yoga 1 class allows those who need some extra help to perform postures that they might not be able to attempt at home on a yoga mat. In aerial 1 yoga class, we will guide you to use the aerial hammock to minimize the effect of gravity that stresses your joints and spines. Great for beginners for some fun yoga experience!

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Aerial Yoga 2

An advanced aerial class that incorporates movement and motion into the poses, creating an elegant flow much like a dance performance. By adding new challenges to familiar postures and consistent practices, we are going to build strength progressively in our core.


Best for intermediate aerial yoga learners. If you are ready for a deeper experience of aerial yoga with more challenging postures and sequences.


Aerial Stretch

Aerial stretch yoga class helps you to use the aerial hammock to stretch the tight areas of the body to relieve muscle stiffness and tension and to increase your flexibility and range of motion.

Aerial stretch yoga is a great way develop your core strength and enhance deep relaxation. If you enjoy stretching beautifully in the air, aerial stretch is the yoga class for you.


Active HIIT

High-intensity interval training (HIIT), is a form of interval training, a cardiovascular exercise strategy using body weight exercises alternating short bursts of intense exercise alternated with low-intensity recovery periods. HIIT workouts provide improved athletic capacity and body conditioning.


Backbending Yoga

You will learn about improving the flexibility of the spine through using various props and the right alignment to go deeper into backbending postures. You will be working on increasing mobility of the spine and creating stability and strength to work safely towards more advanced backbends.


Ballet Body Sculpt

This workout is a combination of ballet-inspired poses to tone and sculpt your body. Isometric movements are targeted to specific muscle. It also helps channeling your inner ballerina. The class would help you in improving balance, posture, endurance, strength and flexibility.


Circuit Training

Circuit training is a form of body conditioning that involves endurance training, resistance training, high-intensity aerobics, and exercises performed in a circuit. It targets strength building and muscular endurance. 


Core & Flexibility

Most people nowadays have weak core muscles and decreased flexibility from sitting at a desk all day. This often leads to lower back pain and decreased mobility as we age. With this class you will reverse the effects of aging and gain back some much-needed strength and flexibility, allowing you move more easily. Join today and feel stronger!


Hatha Yoga

This class would guide you to connect your body and mind through conscious breathing. We will practice inhaling and exhaling to achieve better self-awareness and to cultivate calm. Perfect for beginners or those are looking for a refreshing yoga routine. 


Introduction to Headstand

If you are new to upside down, this class helps you move towards headstand (basic inverted pose on the mat): 1st step to get inverted. You would build confidence, stability and strength to be inversion-ready. This class is suitable for yoga practitioner with a consistent practice and comfortable being upside down!

Meridian Yoga Therapy

Meridian Yoga Therapy combines the essence of Ancient Oriental Wisdom. It is a holistic approach to work through HATHA YOGA on Meridian energy channels in TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE.

It's a mindful yoga practice suitable for both newbie and experienced yogis. Come join us if you'd like to RELAX, DESTRESS, DETOX and connect with your body-mind.


Mindfulness Retreat

With the guidance from the teacher, students can experience stillness and calmness during meditation, and it is beautiful to bring that meditative state of mind into a yin practice to close the session. Students can expect to feel calm and light and de-stress after the class.



Piloxing is a wonderful fusion of exercise that combines Pilates, boxing and dance. This high-energy interval workout involves heart-pumping, powerful boxing combinations, sculpting and lengthening Pilates-influenced movements as well as dance, so you can get your groove on! 

This workout challenges you on so many levels. Cognitive function improves, cardiovascular endurance, stress release. That’s why millions of people around the globe have fallen in love with this format.

🗸 Mat Yoga



Relaxing Stretch

Relaxing your body and mind can stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. Your internal organs return to their normal functions and your body can once again perform at its peak.


Regularly practicing relaxing yoga poses can keep your body and mind in tip-top shape!


Slim & Detox Yoga

Come along and burn stubborn fat and strengthen your core through connecting the body and the breath in a rhythmic flow. You will learn some diaphragmatic breathing techniques to tone our abdominal muscles. Perfect for those who would like to break a sweat and lose belly fat!


STRONG Nation Workout

STRONG Nation™ combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves synced to original music that has been specifically designed to match every single move.


Every squat, every lunge, every burpee is driven by the music, helping you make it to that last rep, and maybe even five more.



Vinyasa/ Vinyasa 2

Vinyasa class will focus on practicing asanas (poses) in a dynamic way. Vinyasa is a strong practice that builds heat, endurance, flexibility, strength and mental focus. Poses are generally held for short periods of time and emphasis is on the rhythm of breathing with the purpose of aligning and focusing of the mind. 

Vinyasa 2 is suitable for intermediate yoga practitioners with a consistent Vinyasa practice. This class would include more challenging asanas and sequences. Full inversions may be included in these classes.


Vinyasa Gentle

Vinyasa Gentle is a dynamic flow practice with an attention for beginners. The class is structured to build strength and foundation while breath through transitions. Poses are generally held for short periods of time. Suitable for beginners who want to learn the fundamentals of vinyasa practice.


Wheel Yoga

With the help of a yoga wheel, you are going to learn how to open shoulders, chest, hips and back. The yoga wheel is going to help you stretch deeper and improve your flexibility. It works wonders to release tension on your back and massage your spine.


This particular wheel yoga class is best for those with some yoga experience who would like to explore creative ways to take their yoga routine to the next level.


Yin Yang

Yin Yang is the combination of two opposing energies. The first half of class 'Yang' is dedicated to a more dynamic asana practice with a primary focus on strength, balance, and flexibility. The latter half of class 'Yin', a more reflective introspective energy and long held deep stretch. Suitable for all levels.


Yin Yoga

Join the yin crowd! In the Yin Yoga class, you are going to learn how to bring your attention to the connection of the mind and body, healing that focuses on realigning and stretching the connective tissues of the body. You will explore some gentle stretches while easing into a quiet rhythm of the breath. Perfect option for those of you who don’t particularly like intense workouts but enjoy some effortless stretches.


Yoga Alignment

As a yoga beginner, knowing the postures with correct alignments is essential. It doesn't only help you minimize the chance of getting hurt when you practice any type of yoga, but it also helps you enjoy the maximum benefits of every postures. In a yoga alignment class, teacher will focus on a few different yoga poses and teach with very detailed instructions. It is a good supplementary class to any beginner level of practitioners or, any yogi who want to revisit yoga alignments.

Yoga for Beginners

This is the best class for yoga beginners. You will be learning some fundamentals of a yoga practice, including breath, proper alignment, and mindfulness practices. The pace of this class offers time for students to develop the understanding to their yoga practice and refine their posture.


Yoga for Digestion

In Yoga, diet and intestines play a vital role in maintaining a healthy body. When stress level triggers the fight-or-flight response, digestion automatically slows down. Yoga for Digestion focuses on releasing tension in the abdomen and nervous system, so as to promote healthy digestive organs and peristalsis. Breathwork may be included.


Yoga for Hips and Hamstrings

The hips are at the pelvic hub of our skeletal system affecting the way we walk, sit, move and sleep, where the feelings of fear, anxiety and sadness are also stored. By practicing deep hip opening and strengthening poses, we can loosen tight hips, improve posture, circulation and range of motion, alleviate back pain, as well as releasing negative emotions and blockages in the hips. The class will emphasize a variety of movement and is suitable for all levels who are interested in creating harmony and developing a healthy range of motion in the hips and legs.

Yoga for Lower Back

Yoga for lower back targets at releasing the tension after long hours of sitting and bad postures. The practice helps to loosen tight hips and stiff back, improve the range of motion and circulation in hip joint and spine, and alleviate back pain.


Yoga for Neck & Shoulders

Neck and Shoulders are often where stress and tension are stored. Yoga for Neck and Shoulders releases the tightness and relieve the tension in neck and shoulders, especially for office workers.


Yoga for Office Workers

This class is designed for office workers who often experience stress, anxiety and physical tension caused by long hours of sitting.


The class focuses on relieving the tight areas for example neck & shoulders, lower back and hips, etc. It could also help relieving your mind from stressful work.


Yoga Strength

Yoga Strength focuses on breath and core strength to encourage practitioners to step into their inner power while they are guided through a dynamic flow of postures. This is a physically empowering class, and all levels of practitioners are welcomed.


Yoga Therapy

A healing & gentle practice focused on rehabilitating the body. Special attention to alignment and detailed instructions are combined with specific asanas with the purpose of bringing the body back to health. Some pranayama, chanting and meditation may be included.

Suitable for anyone seeking to heal their bodies or returning to practice after an injury.


Zumba Fitness

Have you ever dreamt of working out while having fun?? This is Zumba! Come to sweat and smile during this cardio dance fitness class.

For dance addicts’ people or for beginner, Zumba is for everyone! What are you waiting for? Put your shoes on and join the Zumba family for a happy and fun class.

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