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Let's make learning fun and safe for everyone.

Your personal hygiene comes first

Wash your hands prior to practice. Practice good personal hygiene habits. Avoid wearing strong perfumes.

Arrive early

Arrive 10 minutes before the class starts to get settled. Find yourself a comfortable straight sitting position and bring your attention to your breath. Do a few gentle stretches to warm up to help you get your body ready and prevent injuries.

Advise the instructor of any conditions you have

If you have any health problems, injuries or if you are pregnant, please notify the instructor prior to class.

During the class, our instructors might give assists to guide you deeper into a pose or to move your position to correct misalignment. If you feel pain, injured or just do not feel like being touched, please tell us before the class.

Anyone with the following conditions should not attend a class:

High or low blood pressure, heart disease, recent injury (esp. head, shoulder, back, hips, hands or wrist). Check with your doctor before attending class if you have an injury or any medical condition that might be effected by a yoga or fitness class.

Clear the clutter

Remove all jewellery, watches and hair clips. Turn your mobile phone to silent mode and do not use it during the class. Put all your bags, mobile phones and other personal belongings in the locker. Please don't put anything on your yoga mat or on the floor. 

Check your ego at the door 

We create this space where we bring people together and learn from each other, know ourselves better and improve our skills. If you are looking for developing your competitive edge or showing off your superpowers, look again elsewhere. Leave cynicism and negative attitudes behind. Be respectful toward one another in the learning community.

Listen to your body

Learn to distinguish between discomfort and pain. If you are in pain, stop the exercise and tell the instructor right away.

Don't compare

Do they stretch deeper? Hold longer? Move faster? The comparison never ends. Comparing to others easily makes us lose our own purpose. Do learn from others. Find ways to become more confident at your own pace.

Eat & drink

Make sure you stay hydrated before and after a class. Don't exercise on a full stomach. No chewing gums, please.

Use a gym mat

Put a gym mat under the hammock at all times during an aerial yoga class.

Grab the hammock

Always hold on to the hammock when you are off the ground during an aerial yoga class.

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